On’s World

KnitMeOn has a mission: to turn your wardrobe On with unique pieces of Knitwear, that you will love to put On.

The project comes from a need, serving a wish: being cool, being On simply wearing cozy Knitwear!

Feeling warm, feeling comfy does not have to be boring, as being chic, being stylish does not have to feel unpleasant. KnitMeOn talks to contemporary, self aware women, who know who they are, who know what they want and know how to get it: unique, contemporary, self aware women who deserve feeling On in comfortable knitwear.

The careful choice of materials, yarns, precious and unique details, creates special pieces MADE IN ITALY with passion. Nothing is left to chance, not even the name, because KnitMeOn is doing exactly what it is promising: it turns You On with charming Knitwear!

PutMeOn and KnitYouOn

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